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Retrofinds remembers Sticker Albums And Collectors Cards

In my childhood days I spent and wasted a lot of my hard earned pocket money on stickers.I never actually managed to finish an album.Empire Strikes back was my first.I did get it three quarters full but there were always stickers that I could never seem to get.So I would end up with a load of “doubles”.I would take them into school where all the other kids would have a load of doubles.“Got, got, got, got, need, need, need got” could be heard all around the playground.On the back page it always stated that the stickers were made in equal proportions but didn’t say they were all distributed equally.I can imagine kids in Scotland were in desperate need of numbers 4 and 23 but down here in the South they were every where.
You could send away for the missing stickers but never did.I always remember that the rare stickers would be swapped for a pile of stickers rather than just one.Ironically now, in my adult life I now possess the completed Empire Strikes Back album thank…

Retrofinds - Planes Trains and Automobiles.

Retrofinds - 100 SNES games in 10 minutes

1. Chrono Trigger (0:00)
2. Super Mario Allstars (0:07)
3. Legend Of the Mystical Ninja (0:13)
4. Hagane (0:19)
5. Axelay (0:25)
6. Romance of the Three Kingdoms 3 (0:31)
7. Pilotwings (0:37)
8. Super Punchout! (0:43)
9. Wild Guns (0:49)
10. Secret of Mana (0:55)
11. Super Double Dragon (1:01)
12. Earthbound (1:07)
13. Addams Family (1:13)
14. Actraiser (1:19)
15. Biker Mice from Mars (1:25)
16. Aliens vs Predator (1:31)
17. Breath of Fire (1:37)
18. F-Zero (1:43)
19. Gradius 3 (1:49)
20. Megaman 7 (1:55)
21. Super Star Wars (2:01)
22. Rock'n Roll Racing (2:07)
23. Pocky & Rocky (2:13)
24. Legend of Zelda - Link to the Past (2:19)
25. Prince of Persia (2:25)
26. Bust A Move (2:31)
27. Out of this World (2:37)
28. Super Metroid (2:43)
29. Blackthorne (2:49)
30. Animaniacs (2:55)
31. Street Fighter 2 (3:01)
32. Secret of Evermore (3:07)
33. Super Mario World (3:13)
34. Sparkster (3:19)
35. Demons Crest (3:25)
36. Aladdin (3:31)
37. Final Fantasy 3 (3:37)
38. Castlevania X (3:43)
39. Final Fight (3:49)
40. Donkey Kong…

UK: New 80s Fashions for Kids - 2009 Style

They called it the decade that taste forgot. Well, guess what? The era that brought us yuppies and BMX bikes is back, but this time it will be more stylish, especially for kids.

TheKidsWindow. are proud to anounce the launch of a new, excusive range of tee-shirts and all-in-ones featuring famous faces from the 80s. Available in a range of colours, the new range promises to outlast the whims of fashion and will appeal to all parents with a taste for nostalgia.

The Kids Window aren't the only clothing retailers to see the trend. The 90s and early 2000s have mostly seen fairly bland fashions, but now we're ready to express ourselves and our tastes again. Many high-street retailers have launched new ranges in more colours, and they have finally admitted that logos don't with style, according to upcoming designer, Joanna Doherty.

"Mention 1980s fashion and most people will conjure up images of shoulder pads and power dressing, but it was so much more that that" she…

1984 Retro Sports - Torvill And Dean achieve 6.0 across the board

Retrofinds remembers Chewits

I used to love these sweets.Different flavoured chewy sweets (taffy for our American friends).The problem I used to have was that I remember always pilling in more than one sweet into my mouth.The flavours were intense and Iwould unwrap about five and just pile them in.I am ashamed, so sorry.The flavours were Fruit Salad, blackcurrant, orange, lime and lemon.They are a bit like starbursts but were a bit chewier.I use to love the adverts from the 80’s and this famous one stands out with the plastecine dinosaur

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Retro Ad - The Spectrum 48k

Fright Night Remake? What next? A Re-animator remake?

Copy this whole post to another siteSlurpcancel select siteadvertisingconsumeristdeadspindefamerfleshbotgay fleshbotgawkergizmodoidolatorio9jalopnikjezebelkotakulifehackervalleywagartistsgawkershop 'Fright Night' remake in worksNew version will keep comedy-horror tone Vampires continue their bloody winning streak as DreamWorks is in the process of picking up a remake of "Fright Night."

Michael Gaeta and Alison Rosenzweig of Gaeta/Rosenzweig Films are producing along with Michael De Luca. Rosenzweig, who also is setting up remakes of "The Reincarnation of Peter Proud" and "Angel Heart" with De Luca, brought the project to him.

DreamWorks co-president of production Mark Sourian is overseeing for the studio, which has rarely foraged in the horror genre for material. Its most recent two outings -- "The Uninvited" and "The Ruins" -- grossed just $29 million and $17 million, respectively. But its remake of "The Ring" and i…

100 NES Games in 10 minutes

1. Super Mario Brothers (0:00)
2. Contra (0:07)
3. Dragon warrior 1 (0:13)
4. Dr. Mario (0:19)
5. Excite Bike (0:25)
6. Lola 3 (0:31)
7. Ice Climber (0:37)
8. Gradius (0:43)
9. Ice Hockey (0:49)
10. Kiwi Craze (0:55)
11. Little Nemo (1:01)
12. Scheherazade (1:07)
13. Abradox (1:13)
14. Addams Family (1:19)
15. Adventure Island 1 (1:25)
16. Basewars (1:31)
17. Marble Madness (1:37)
18. Kirby (1:43)
19. Batman 1 (1:49)
20. Battle Chess (1:55)
21. Mappy Land (2:01)
22. Maniac Mansion (2:07)
23. Kid Icarus (2:13)
24. Silius (2:19)
25. Duck Hunt (2:25)
26. Treasure Island 2 (2:31)
27. Goonies 2 (2:37)
28. Castlevania 1 (2:43)
29. Bugs Bunny Birthday (2:49)
30. Bomberman 1 (2:55)
31. Battletoads (3:01)
32. Bionic Commando (3:07)
33. Blades of Steel (3:13)
34. Blaster Master (3:19)
35. Castlevania 2 (3:25)
36. Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle (3:31)
37. Casino Kid (3:37)
38. Caveman Games (3:43)
39. Crystalis (3:49)
40. Deja Vu (3:55)
41. Double Dribble (4:01)
42. Duck Tales (4:07)
43. Double Dragon 2 (4:13)
44. Golgo 13 (4:19)
45. Hogans Alle…

Off Topic - Internet Explorer error when loading some pages

Some of you may be experiencing this problem
"Internet Explorer cannot open the internet site - operation aborted"

This may not just be this site but others too. Unfortunately this seems to happen on Internet Explorer 6 and 7. According to Microsoft's website they say the solution is to update to version 8. Brilliant! I say move to FireFox. Its free and much much better than IE. Its more secure too

Google are also working on the problem and have reported the following

Some users are seeing an 'Operation Aborted' error message when trying to load their blogs from Internet Explorer. We're looking into this and will update this message when we have a fix.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

I cannot emphasise enough that moving to FireFox or Chrome is a wise move. Don't worry about your stored favourites in Internet Explorer. They can be exported over quite easily. Also you can have more that one web browser. So …

Walkers go Retro with Monster Munch

As much as I like Monster Munch I always wanted the crisps to the big size like they were in the good old days.Well now they have.
Walkers have now introduced a Mega Monster Munch range. The packs show the old monsters from the Smiths days. The range is: Pickled Onion, Roast Beef & Flamin' Hot. The pack boasts these are "Old! Bigger like they used to be". The back of the pack reveals this is as in 1977.I bought the Beef flavour crisps from Smiths on Saturday and they are gorgeous.The bag is big and the crisps are huge like they used to be.Make sure you try them out.At the moment I have only seem them in Smiths but I am sure they are available in other shops too.Tags: ,

Tron To Return

Tron 2 in 2011... in 3D!According to Dark Horizons, Disney has slated Tron 2 for spring of 2011, with Joseph Kosinski to direct. The sequel will be filmed entirely in Digital Disney 3D, allowing for spectacular races where Light Cycles leap off the screen in an explosion of dimensional polygons.
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Gremlins-Themed Sneakers, Before and After a Midnight SnackSource - IO9 - Great SCI-FI SITE
Copy this whole post to another siteSlurpcancel select siteadvertisingconsumeristdeadspindefamerfleshbotgay fleshbotgawkergizmodoidolatorio9jalopnikjezebelkotakulifehackervalleywagartistsgawkershop If you liked 80s mini-monsterfest Gremlins, then you'll want to slide into these sneaks. This pair looks like good monster Mogwai, who turns evil if you feed him after midnight. Check out the evil sneaks!Here's a closeup of those furry, spotted sneaks. I want some friendly monsters on my feet!

And as you know, when the nice Mogwai gets wet, he gives birth to naughty Mogwais who turn into evil gremlins if you feed them after midnight. And these are the sneaks for those evil creatures, who do a lot of chomping. If only they had fangs on the toes, I would totally buy these.Tags: , , , ,

Retrofinds - Office Computers

The Dumb Terminal Era
(images via: Rob Cruickshank, LevitateMe and Gaby)By the late 1970s branch offices in distant cities could connect to company mainframes through existing phone lines while the hulking master computers hunkered down in chilly, temperature-controlled clean rooms. Around this time desktop video display terminals (VDTs) began to assume a common design theme: a rounded plastic shell that housed a monochrome CRT screen and integrated keyboard. Above is one of the more stylish designs, the Lear-Siegler ADM-5 video display terminal.DEC VT100 FTW!(images via: and William Bader)Many companies made VDTs in the roughly 10-year window between the advent of affordable office computing systems and the introduction of self-contained desktop PCs. Digital Equipment’s VT100 was perhaps the most popular of the bunch. First sold in the summer of 1978, the VT100 boasted ANSI-compliance and a choice between two display formats: 80 columns by 24 lines or 132 columns by …

retrofinds - Treasure Hunt Channel 4 Great Theme tune.

Proof that TV theme tunes back in the 80's were the best.


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When first shown on Channel 4 in December 1982, Treasure Hunt was one of the earliest major series on the then-new channel. The unusual format earned extra publicity for both the programme and the channel, which was striving to justify itself with new and different programming.

The 1982–89 series were later repeated on terrestrial television and the Challenge satellite and cable channel. The first episode was repeated on 30 October 2007 on the digital channel More4 as part of Channel 4's 25th anniversary celebrations. This was an one-off and there are no current plans to repeat the TV show.

The original run of the first series was watched by up to 900,000 viewers; however, by the mid-1980s, ratings were some of the highest for Channel 4 at around seven million.

Two charity editions of the show were produced, one locally in the London area …

Retrofinds Soundtracks - Jaws 2

John William Greats - The Catamaran Race Jaws 2

The Catamaran Race
A fantastic piece of music that starts with excitement and is very uplifting. One of my favourites from Jaws 2.

A rare soundtrack but you can purchase it from Amazon and the Catamaran Race is track 6. I actually think the soundtrack for Jaws 2 is in many ways better that than the first one. Where the first one has a lot of mood this soundtrack has a good mixture of mood, suspense, action and uplifting music. Unlike the first Jaws soundtrack each track sounds different. My only gripe is the soundtrack is so rare now that its not widely available.

1. Finding the "Orca" (Main Title)
2. Menu
3. Ballet for Divers
4. Water Kite Sequence
5. Brody Misunderstood
6. Catamaran Race (click to listen)
7. Toward Cable Junction
8. Attack on the Helicopter
9. Open Sea Listen
10. Fire Aboard and Eddie's Death
11. Sean's Rescue
12. Attack on the Water Skier
13. Big Jolt!
14. End Title, End Cast

Source - http://thebeardedtrio.blogspo…

Charlie says never play near Teapots

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Waste of a good pot of tea if you ask me and who's serving fish and bread? Is this how the feeding of the five thousand got fed?

Retrofinds - Bad TV - Going For Gold

Not all Tv was good in the 70's and 80's. Take Going For Gold. Oh man! this was awful.
Going for Gold was originally broadcast on BBC1 from 12 October 1987 to 9 July 1996, usually after the lunchtime broadcast of Australian soap opera Neighbours. It was presented by Irish broadcaster Henry Kelly, and its defining concept was that it featured contestants from different European countries who competed against each other to answer questions (all in English) Bit of an adventage for the english speaking countries. Heres the opening credits. What is Henry Kelly muttering to himself when he walks on?

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Clip from the show. Wonder whats on the other side?

Retrofinds Remembers Fright Night

Fright Night - 1985
I used to love this movie. The plot was...well really there wasnt one. Vampires moved in next door. That was it really. What I do remember is the great line

The special effects for the time were really impressive with everything from werewolf transformations to melting skin. In May 2009 it was revealed that Dreamworks would be overseeing a remake of Fright Night. Michael Gaeta and Alison Rosenzweig are set to produce. Never going to be as good as the original. Peter Vincent should be left to retire.

I Also remember the brilliant soundtrack including The Sparks - Armies Of The Night (click to play or download)

Track Listings
1. Fright Night
2. You Can't Hide from the Beast Inside
3. Good Man in a Bad Time
4. Rock Myself to Sleep
5. Let's Talk
6. Armies of the Night (click to play or download)
7. Give It Up
8. Same Me Tonight
9. Boppin' Tonight
10. Come to Me



Lost opening credits - 80's style

Found this great video on Youtube

Opening titles to Lost. If it had been made in the 1980's with a little bit of Santa Barbara.

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The Fly Trailer 1986 Jeff Goldblum

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Visit The Bearded Trio

Keep up to date with the latest news on George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and John Williams with "The Bearded Trio". News also covers related companies such as Lucasarts, Lucasfilm, ILM, Amblin, THX, Skywalker Sound and more. , , ,

May the 4th be with you

Jedi worshippers and fans of George Lucas's sci-fi mega-franchise celebrated the unofficial Star Wars Day, May 4.

The origin of the day comes from "May the 4th be with you" a play on the films' well known catchphrase, "May the force be with you".

Despite not being an officially sanctioned Star Wars Day this hasn't stopped fans spreading the message across the world with May 4 even immortalised in the Hansard of the UK Houses of Parliament.

Last year, two Star Wars-loving Englishmen attempted to start a UK Church of the Jedi, with May 4th as their holy day, citing the 2001 British census results which saw 390,000 people claim `Jedi' as their religion.

In Australia, the official number of Jedis from the 2001 census are unknown as the Australian Bureau of Statistics records people who mark `Jedi' as `no religion'.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics even warned people about writing `Jedi' as their faith on the 2001 Census, warning that falsifyin…

Retrofinds Tv - Look-In Magazine advert

Retro 80's Advert for Look-In magazine
Look-in was a long running children's magazine centred around ITV's television programmes in the UK, and subtitled "The Junior TV Times". It ran from 9 January 1971 to 12 March 1994.[1] Briefly, in 1985, a BBC-based rival appeared called BEEB, and later in 1989, Fast Forward, which went on to outsell Look-in.

Look-in had interviews, crosswords and competitions, and it had pictures and pin-ups of TV stars and pop idols of the time. Its main feature however was the many comic strips of the favourite children's television programmes. These included Battlestar Galactica, Follyfoot, The Tomorrow People, The Six Million Dollar Man, Charlie's Angels, Worzel Gummidge, Knight Rider, The A-Team and Robin of Sherwood.

There is a fantastic site for Look-In with strips from the magazine like Buck Rogers.

Click here to check out the great site.

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Dharma Initiative Logo from Lost in new Star Trek Movie

Is it me or do those wheels on that fork-lift truck look like the Dharma Initiative logo from the TV show Lost?

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Charley Says Always Tell Your Mummy Before You Go Off Somewhere

Love the incidental music when he finds out his friends have gone. Also what kind of friends are they??? Charlie, you are better off without them.

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Retrofinds - 80's Advert Walkers Crisps

retrofinds - bbc breakfast time 1984

BBC Breakfast Time - 1984
I always thought it was like watching paint dry. The presenters were soooo boring. Watch this clip and you will see what I mean. Even the opening credits were bland.

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On the other side was TV-AM which was a bit better but for me they both got in the way of kids TV. Bring on the cartoons. At least the opening credits to TV-AM were better and a bit more catchier. Is that a word? "Catchier?" The problem with TV-AM is that it led to GM-TV which is the worlds worst, most dumb down Tv in the history of TV. (Almost.)

Charlie says don;t go anywhere with men or ladies you don't know

Woman dressed as Princess Leia stopeed for Drink Driving

A woman dressed as Princess Leia was pulled over for drink driving after she and her husband, dressed as Luke Skywalker, were too embarrassed to walk home as their Star Wars characters.
Leanne and Luke Dodds were stopped by police after returning from a fancy dress party after their Ford Mondeo was spotted swerving across the road on April 5.Police found the mother-of-two Dodds, 28, dressed in white robes with plaited hair, while her husband was wearing robes.
When breathalysed she was more than twice over the legal drink driving limit. The pair were stopped on a village road in Murton, Co Durham.Mr Hodgson said: "She was dressed as Princess Leia and her husband as Luke Skywalker and they found it was a bit embarrassing to walk the streets of Murton dressed in their costumes."She didn't intend to have a drink when she went to the party. She should not have been driving and she realises now it was a very bad idea." Magistrates banned Dodds from driving for 20 months, f…

Charlie says don't go near Stoves...because they are hot!

Retrofinds remembers the Cortina Mark 3

Retrofinds – Cortina Mark 3
My parents owned one of these cars. I remember my Dad saying that Ford cars are best as they need little maintenance.We had a mark 3 and a mark 4 Cortina.They were the ford escorts of the day.They were everywhere.No luxuries that you get today.Manual windows, a radio (Our aerial never stayed up.).If you wanted air conditioning you wound down the window.I remember it had a manual choke.When the engine was “cold” you pulled out the choke for a while until the engine was warmed up.We used to fill the car up with four star petrol.I say fill up the car, what I really mean was my Dad pulling in to the petrol station and putting 50 pence of petrol in.That was enough to take the needle out of the red.Still that car took us everywhere.My mum would do most of the driving as my Dad was never a driving fan.Being in the back of the car for hours while my Mum drove us to Butlins and my Dad did the navigating.We always got lost.
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Charlie says Never Play with Matches

Never play with Matches.
Who's pipe is that? Mummies?

Retrofinds - Rainbow Theme tune

Rainbow Theme Tune (Long version)
Click to play or right click to download
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Outrun Music and Sounds


Retrofinds remembers Outrun The Arcade Machine

Every year when I was young my Mum and Dad would book a holiday to Butlins or Pontins. A holiday camp where they have entertainment on the camp. I always would look forward to the Arcade and thats where I would spend most of my money much to the frustration of my parents who would tell me off for spending my money so quick. Imagine then the trouble I would get in when I saw OUTRUN for the first time.

I can't remember which site it was but it was the full works! The sit-down version and it cost 50p a go. At the time most arcade games cost 10p to 20p but this monster was 50p a go. I moved closer to the machine, my focus firmly fixed on the amazing graphics that was playing on the demo. The music was blaring from the speakers and managed to drown out the numerous fruit machines and random noises from Defender in the corner. I clutched my one pound I had with me, which I had just changed into ten shiny ten pence pieces ready to slot into any worthy machine that took my fancy. "Mak…

Star Trek Lens Flare Poster

Just for a laugh.

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STAR TREK 2009 Any Lost References?

Well just been to see the new Star Trek movie. From a huge Trek fan that I am, I was worried that this was going to destroy the Trek universe. It doesn't! Its amazing. Well character driven and action packed throughout. J.J. Abrams pulls off what is two hours of pure Trek joy. There are some annoying bits though. The lens flares throughout the movie can be distracting and the attempt at the retro theme tune at the end is not the best. But this is nitpicking for a superb film. This is what Episode 1 should have been. All the actors suit their characters very well. For me Bones was the best. Captured Mccoys character to the letter.

Any lost references? Well I did see the wheels on the carriers in the shuttle craft bay when they are being assigned their ships just happened to look like the DharmaInitiative.

Go watch it, you wont be disappointed.

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Retrofinds - Tales Of The Unexpected Them Tune

Tales Of The Unexpected Theme Tune
Click to Play, Right click to download

retro, retrofinds, star wars, 80's 70's
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Retrofinds - Morph Theme Tune

Morph Theme Tune
Click to play, right click to save

retro retrofinds, 70's 80's
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Retrofinds 80's Tv Themes - Crazy Like A Fox

Crazy Like A Fox. Great show from the mid 80's. TV theme tunes are now becoming a thing of the past as they now like to make way for more time for advertising. I think this is a mistake because viewers actually remember a lot of shows from the theme tunes. All the recent shows that have been cancelled. Did they have decent theme tunes?

Anyway heres one of the best theme tunes of the 80's

Crazy Like A Fox (Right click to save or left click to play)

Heres the german version

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Old joysticks, new tricks

Ellie Gibson meets Paul Qureshi - a home hacker who rewires old controllers and writes software to play classic games on new computers. Dreamcast controller with a USB connection anyone?
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Iphone goes all retro

Needless to say this is much slower than just punching some numbers, but at least it helps get your retro kicks in.

Previous article on retro phones
Go to Itunes for app
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Retrofinds Facebook group

Don't forget to join our Facebook group. Regularly updated with news and random thoughts. Be good to hear from you.

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Coolest shoes ever! - Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle shoes!

Squeeeee! I want these more than life itself. Some enterprising Spanish Lucasarts fan has copied scenes from Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle onto Converse sneakers.
Best Shoes Ever!!!

Alien 5?

Fox have been talking to original Alien director Ridley Scott, and it looks like he's up for it…Last week's announcement that Robert Rodriguez is to re-start the Predator/s franchise, now comes the far more interesting hint from Fox's Tim Rothman that Alien originator Ridley Scott is very close to committing to another Alien movie.In an interview with IESB, Roth says: "There's been some talk...I think he's toying with the idea... and that would be great for us. It's always been a matter of, really, if you could get the originator to do it... So we have our fingers crossed."Franchise mainstay Sigourney Weaver has been blowing a lot hotter about Alien 5 in the last six months, having intermittently dismissed the notion over the years, so that part of the equation seems to be in place. This is never guaranteed, however, as Weaver's fee has always been an issue of some kind for Fox in a film-series which has done very well but never had the scope to s…

Home Alone Soundtrack End Titles

Home Alone Soundtrack End Titles
I know its not christmas but this is such a good piece of music by the legendary John Williams. Any excuse to post some John Williams greatness

Click here to download

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Roger Rabbit getting a sequel?

Robert Zemeckis drops the news that we may be getting Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2...
Published on Apr 30, 2009Here's some news that we didn't expect to wake up to this morning. After many reports over the years that it may be a possibility, director Robert Zemeckis has now confirmed that he's interested in revisiting Roger Rabbit for a possible sequel.He was talking to MTV News at the time, and when quizzed about if there were projects in his past he fancied going back to, Zemeckis volunteered the idea of another Rabbit film. Zemeckis has recently completed his motion-captured take on A Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey, and that's heading to cinemas this, er, Christmas. But it seems he's interesting in what new technology could bring to a Roger Rabbit sequel.He told MTV that "I'll tell you what is buzzing around in my head now that we have the ability-the digital tools, performance capture - I'm starting to think about Roger Rabbit." He goes on to sug…

Retrofinds remembers The A Team Great Soundtrack

We all remember the fantastic theme tune to The A-Team but for me one particular sticks out. The A-Team was one of my favourite shows in the 80's and one week I was treated to a two hour double bill. I couldn't believe my luck. In this particular epsisode though there was a part (as usual) where they prepare for a battle. The music used for that scene is a variation of the theme tune and always stuck in my mind. I bought the Mike Post soundtrack and to my surprise its on the CD

I have uploaded it here for you to enjoy. Tell me what you think

A-Team track 2 - Young Hannibal

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Ghostbusters C64 Remake

Retrofinds Theme tunes - Jim'll Fix It

retrofinds 80's 70's retro
Jim'll Fix It MP3 download.
CLick here to play and rightclick to download the theme tune to Jim'll Fix It

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