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John William Greats - The Catamaran Race Jaws 2

The Catamaran Race
A fantastic piece of music that starts with excitement and is very uplifting. One of my favourites from Jaws 2.

A rare soundtrack but you can purchase it from Amazon and the Catamaran Race is track 6. I actually think the soundtrack for Jaws 2 is in many ways better that than the first one. Where the first one has a lot of mood this soundtrack has a good mixture of mood, suspense, action and uplifting music. Unlike the first Jaws soundtrack each track sounds different. My only gripe is the soundtrack is so rare now that its not widely available.

1. Finding the "Orca" (Main Title)
2. Menu
3. Ballet for Divers
4. Water Kite Sequence
5. Brody Misunderstood
6. Catamaran Race (click to listen)
7. Toward Cable Junction
8. Attack on the Helicopter
9. Open Sea Listen
10. Fire Aboard and Eddie's Death
11. Sean's Rescue
12. Attack on the Water Skier
13. Big Jolt!
14. End Title, End Cast

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