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Rob Hubbard 80's C64 Composer Video

Rob Hubbard, who composed a lot of classic game tunes, especially on the C64 (e.g. Monty on the Run, Commando, Delta, Skate or Die, Crazy Comets and many more), talks about the good old times. Part 1 of 5.

Retro Cinema Ads

short compilation of 60's adverts along with the memorable Pearl and Dean titles from the 70's. Most of these were rescued from the Queen's Hall, Seaton Delaval (a village about 9 miles from Newcastle upon Tyne).

Unfortunately, the camera's autofocus is 'hunting'. Sadly, there's no facility to defeat it! It's not too bad though.

Projection is Philips DP75 (aspect ratio 1.75:1) with Peerless Magnarcs burning Marble Double Eagle carbons.

And yes; that really is Jenny Hanley in the Lyons Maid Cornish Sundae advert!!!

Just to clarify; the masked screen image here is 17ft wide x 9ft high.