Retrofinds Tv - Look-In Magazine advert

Retro 80's Advert for Look-In magazine
Look-in was a long running children's magazine centred around ITV's television programmes in the UK, and subtitled "The Junior TV Times". It ran from 9 January 1971 to 12 March 1994.[1] Briefly, in 1985, a BBC-based rival appeared called BEEB, and later in 1989, Fast Forward, which went on to outsell Look-in.

Look-in had interviews, crosswords and competitions, and it had pictures and pin-ups of TV stars and pop idols of the time. Its main feature however was the many comic strips of the favourite children's television programmes. These included Battlestar Galactica, Follyfoot, The Tomorrow People, The Six Million Dollar Man, Charlie's Angels, Worzel Gummidge, Knight Rider, The A-Team and Robin of Sherwood.

There is a fantastic site for Look-In with strips from the magazine like Buck Rogers.

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