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Tech Know: BBC Micros used in retro programming class

Click to play Click to play Ellie Gibson joined Ousedale School students learning how to program BBC Micros at the National Museum for Computing in Bletchley
In our regular series about makers, hackers and amateur technologists, BBC News meets the people giving the classic BBC Micro a new lease of life. Computer history is cruel. It is a story of the old constantly being pushed aside for the newer, the faster, the smaller, the shinier.
Those old machines are rarely allowed a graceful retirement. Cast aside, they end their days in the dark ,fit only to be homes for spiders in lofts and cupboards.
But one lucky flock of BBC Micros is getting another lease of life by helping to educate students in the art of rigorous programming.
The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC) at Bletchley Park has started letting a few lucky A-level students loose on the machines to hone their programming skills.
"The computing A-level is about how computers work and if you ask anyone how it wor…