Retrofinds remembers Sticker Albums And Collectors Cards

In my childhood days I spent and wasted a lot of my hard earned pocket money on stickers. I never actually managed to finish an album. Empire Strikes back was my first. I did get it three quarters full but there were always stickers that I could never seem to get. So I would end up with a load of “doubles”. I would take them into school where all the other kids would have a load of doubles. “Got, got, got, got, need, need, need got” could be heard all around the playground. On the back page it always stated that the stickers were made in equal proportions but didn’t say they were all distributed equally. I can imagine kids in Scotland were in desperate need of numbers 4 and 23 but down here in the South they were every where.

You could send away for the missing stickers but never did. I always remember that the rare stickers would be swapped for a pile of stickers rather than just one. Ironically now, in my adult life I now possess the completed Empire Strikes Back album thanks to EBay.