Retrofinds Remembers Fright Night

Fright Night - 1985
I used to love this movie. The plot was...well really there wasnt one. Vampires moved in next door. That was it really. What I do remember is the great line

The special effects for the time were really impressive with everything from werewolf transformations to melting skin. In May 2009 it was revealed that Dreamworks would be overseeing a remake of Fright Night. Michael Gaeta and Alison Rosenzweig are set to produce. Never going to be as good as the original. Peter Vincent should be left to retire.

I Also remember the brilliant soundtrack including The Sparks - Armies Of The Night (click to play or download)

Track Listings
1. Fright Night
2. You Can't Hide from the Beast Inside
3. Good Man in a Bad Time
4. Rock Myself to Sleep
5. Let's Talk
6. Armies of the Night (click to play or download)
7. Give It Up
8. Same Me Tonight
9. Boppin' Tonight
10. Come to Me