Forgotten Movies Of The 80's Week - Battle Beyond the Stars

Forgotten Movies Of The 80's Week - Secret Of Nimh

Ruprecht in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Blakes 7 Last episode complete

Doctor Who - Clean Tom Baker Opening (1980 and 1974)

Doctor Who - 2008 Title Sequence 80's Style

Back to the Future - Life on Mars Style!

Human League - Don't you want me 1982 Top of the pops

Europe - The Final Countdown (Live)

Behind The Mask Documentary 1986 - Phantom Of The Opera

1980 Torvill and Dean - Love

BBC Bertha children's retro tv

BBC One O'Clock News - Late 1980's

UK TV Adverts, 1988

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Forgotten movies - Trailer - Enemy Mine (1985)

The Last Starfighter Week - NES Gameplay

The Last Starfighter Week - Star Wars & The Last Starfighter Battle Mix

The Last Starfighter Week - Download the game

The Last Starfighter week - Soundtrack

The Last Starfighter week - Video Game

The Last Starfighter week - Movie Trailer

Computer Graphics from 1981

Look-in 1970's advert - Six Million Dollar Man

Look-in magazine - 1970's advert - Grease

Argos Christmas Advert 1987

Granada continuity, ad break & YTV ident, Feb 1987

Philips Videopac Games System Advert

Run The Gauntlet Christmas Celebrity Special (1988)

The Your Sinclair Rock'n'Roll Years - 1988 - 1989