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Happy 40th birthday, Atari.

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Today marks the 40th anniversary of the iconic video game brand, when US developers Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney first founded the company and introduced the world to Pong, one of the most addictive games of its day. Visit to play Pong online. The ping pong-style two-player, batting a ball over a line with the lowest of low-fi graphics, became the world’s first video game smash hit and established Atari as a leading gaming brand. Within three years Atari would hook gamers with games like Asteroid, Centipede and Breakout after being bought by Warner Communications in 1976 for an estimated US$28-$32 million (about $143–174 million in today’s money). The Atari 2600 computer console with its two joysticks and paddle controllers pretty much defined the gaming industry during the '70s and '80s. The console, inducted into the National T…

Training Montage Track from SpaceCamp Soundtrack


Tintin Cover Becomes Most Expensive Original Comics Art Ever

This weekend, a cover to 1932′s Tintin in America by Belgian artist Herge made even more famous by the films by Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson sold for $1.6 million dollars in Paris auction house Artcurial Saturday, setting a record for original comic book art, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

In doing so, the piece broke its own record, set in 2008 when the current seller bought it for $973,000.

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Zelda Medley Performed On Banjo And Musical Saw


The Ultimate Games Room

More or less every console from over the years all ready to play. I want!