STAR TREK 2009 Any Lost References?

Well just been to see the new Star Trek movie. From a huge Trek fan that I am, I was worried that this was going to destroy the Trek universe. It doesn't! Its amazing. Well character driven and action packed throughout. J.J. Abrams pulls off what is two hours of pure Trek joy. There are some annoying bits though. The lens flares throughout the movie can be distracting and the attempt at the retro theme tune at the end is not the best. But this is nitpicking for a superb film. This is what Episode 1 should have been. All the actors suit their characters very well. For me Bones was the best. Captured Mccoys character to the letter.

Any lost references? Well I did see the wheels on the carriers in the shuttle craft bay when they are being assigned their ships just happened to look like the Dharma Initiative.

Go watch it, you wont be disappointed.


  1. USS Kelvin


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