Retrofinds remembers The A Team Great Soundtrack

We all remember the fantastic theme tune to The A-Team but for me one particular sticks out. The A-Team was one of my favourite shows in the 80's and one week I was treated to a two hour double bill. I couldn't believe my luck. In this particular epsisode though there was a part (as usual) where they prepare for a battle. The music used for that scene is a variation of the theme tune and always stuck in my mind. I bought the Mike Post soundtrack and to my surprise its on the CD

I have uploaded it here for you to enjoy. Tell me what you think

A-Team track 2 - Young Hannibal


  1. Awesome. I've been visiting your blog everyday since discovering it a couple of weeks ago and this is your best post for me by far. The memories! Love it. Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for the kind comment. Makes it all worth while when I get kind comments like that. Glad you are enjoying the posts.

  3. You bet! And I'll keep visiting.


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