Retrofinds remembers the Cortina Mark 3

Retrofinds – Cortina Mark 3

My parents owned one of these cars. I remember my Dad saying that Ford cars are best as they need little maintenance. We had a mark 3 and a mark 4 Cortina. They were the ford escorts of the day. They were everywhere. No luxuries that you get today. Manual windows, a radio (Our aerial never stayed up.). If you wanted air conditioning you wound down the window. I remember it had a manual choke. When the engine was “cold” you pulled out the choke for a while until the engine was warmed up. We used to fill the car up with four star petrol. I say fill up the car, what I really mean was my Dad pulling in to the petrol station and putting 50 pence of petrol in. That was enough to take the needle out of the red.

Still that car took us everywhere. My mum would do most of the driving as my Dad was never a driving fan. Being in the back of the car for hours while my Mum drove us to Butlins and my Dad did the navigating. We always got lost.