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Its The End Of Ceefax - Last Page Is Very Funny And Clever


Stratos jump Lego Style

The Stratos Jump
Scale 1:350

Watch the stratos jump - this time in LEGO.

Lords of Midnight Creator and RPG Maven Mike Singleton Passes Away

Mike Singleton, the designer behind The Lords of Midnight for the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64, passed away at the age of 61. Singleton worked as an English teacher in the UK before moving into the games industry in the early 1980s as a freelance designer where he created Lords of Midnight, a groundbreaking RPG that was one of the first to utilize a "landscaping" technique in its gameplay. Beyond Software's RPG became a massive critical hit. He went on to create a popular sequel called Doomdark's Revenge and a real-time strategy game based on the "Lord of the Rings" novels called War In Middle-Earth. He also worked with LucasArts on titles such as Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb and Codemasters for Race Driver: GRID. Singleton and fellow designer and friend Jon Wild had been working on an iOS port for The Lord of Midnight at the time of Singleton's passing. Wild wrote on his blog that he hasn't decided if he should finish the game and wil…

Marching band tribute to Zelda, Tetris

An incredible college marching band tribute to video games has gone viral, gaining over 1m views in 24 hours.

The Ohio State University 'Buckeyes' band performed the complex routine during the half-time of a college football game against Nebraska.

The Best of the 80's [HD] [Best music compilation on Youtube]


Nissan wants to offer retro Datsun at US$3,000 in target nations

Nissan Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn wants to relaunch retro-brand Datsun with a price tag as low as US$3,000 when it hits the road in 2014, a report said.

The company will target drivers in developing nations — India, Indonesia and Russia — offering the barebones model at prices that put it well below current Nissan offerings, according to the Wall Street Journal. The paper, citing interviews with Ghosn and other executives, said Nissan is aiming for six Datsun models at between US$3,000 and US$5,000, a price that only a handful of Indian- and Chinese-made cars could compete with. To cut costs, the company will source parts almost entirely from the country in which the finished product is to be made and sold. And the absence of rigorous safety standards that would be applied to models aimed at the U.S. or European markets will also help keep the price down, the paper reported. “If you go to the U.S., it's not going to end up being US$3,000,” Ghosn told the paper in an article pub…

Remember Lost? Now Think Of It As A Point And Click.

Hands up if you remember Lost?  You know 4,8,15,16 etc etc?  Well Penney Design has come up with some art work that merges Lost with the likes of Maniac Mansion and a little bit of Monkey Island.  Take a look at the pics.  I would buy this.  Comes on six disks (3.5") though and requires a midi sound card.