Lucasarts Retro Titles To Get A New Lease Of Life

Retro titles like LucasArts' back catalogue of classic adventure releases are being given a new lease of life thanks to the wonders of digital distribution. That's the word from the game maker, which credits online distribution for increased interest in the Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition.

Chatting with blog Destructoid, producer Craig Derrick has said there was immense fan interest in getting Monkey Island recreated, while there was also internal enthusiasm for the project at LucasArts.

"We're experiencing a remarkable increase in retro gaming and nostalgia thanks in part to the digital distribution of games on Xbox Live Arcade, PSN, Wiiware, Steam and iTunes. We're seeing that gamers are looking for new experiences, even if they're found in classic games," the developer beams.

"The age range of the average gamer has significantly broadened and people are open now more than ever to different types of game genres."

Monkey Island will return to the PC and Xbox 360 on July 7th.