UK Childrens ITV continuity & adverts-January 14th 1985

Here is continuity, coming out of an episode of 'He-Man and the Masters of the Universe' (the first season's "Game Plan", 1983), and an advertisement break before going in to episode two of creepy childrens drama 'Chocky's Children'. This week Childrens ITV was being presented by Roland Rat, very shortly before he moved to the BBC. Unfortunately during this clip he was away and his friend Kevin the Gerbil is presenting instead!

Adverts include:
* Free Ghostbusters transfers in Shreddies and shreddied Wheath (I still have some of these stuck on my old wardrobe!!)
* Le Crunch Bunch (French Golden Delicious apples)
* Star Wars Return of the Jedi toys
* Biactol face wash
* Bisto ("Never in a month of Sundays")
* One Day Bus Passes
* Batchelors Snack-a-Soup

...Followed by a trailer for school comedy 'Behind the Bike Sheds', before going in to episode two of 'Chocky's Challenge' (even the music is enough to scare children! They wouldn't dare do something like this nowadays.)