Sinclair ZX Spectrum Game Clips + Music!

This video features footage from various ZX Spectrum games including classics like Starquake, 3D Ant Attack, 3D Starstrike, Cybernoid, Dynamite Dan, Chuckie Egg, Manic Miner etc. etc. The video ends with the brilliant destruction of an alien city from the game 'Glass'.

The video is backed by a SUPERB remix of Martin Galway's C64 'Arkanoid' theme (remixed by Lagerfeldt). The Arkanoid tune is of course a remix of Martin's ZX Spectrum music from the Ocean game 'Cobra' which is why I chose to feature it in this music vid.

This video is also available on the Back in Time Live Showreel DVD (with much better picture quality) - (it's in the retro DVD section!) ...