Microsoft goes all retro with Xbox Live Game Room

If you need proof that retro gaming is both popular and profitable just look at the compilations of old games that regularly get released coupled with the digital downloads of the classics across Wii, PS3, and 360.

Now it looks as though Microsoft is embracing the retro gaming scene with a little more intent by announcing the introduction of a Game Room for Xbox Live.

It looks as though this will be an area on Live where you can visit as your avatar and socialize with other gamers. While in the Game Room you’ll be able to buy and play over 1,000 retro games. Each gamer will get their own area which can be modified to their liking. This will be like a mini arcade full of your favorite games.

Microsoft don’t intend to do this for free though, with the games costing anything from 240 to 400 points each. You will also be able to buy a game credit for a single play at a cost of 40 points.

There’s no news on whether this will be open to everyone or just Gold members, but it will come online this Spring with 30 games and build up to over 1,000 within three years. You can also play games bought on your PC through Windows Live