The Last Starfighter week - Movie Trailer

To celebrate one of the great movies of the 80's Retrofinds is running a week on everything that is The Last Starfighter

The Last Starfighter is a 1984 science fiction adventure film directed by Nick Castle. There was a subsequent novelization of the movie by Alan Dean Foster, as well as a video game based on the production. In 2004, it was also adapted as an off-Broadway musical.

The Last Starfighter, in addition to Disney's Tron, has the distinction of being one of cinema's earliest films to use extensive Computer-generated imagery (CGI) to depict its many starships, environments and battle scenes. This CGI technique, for the time, was a great leap into the future compared to contemporary films such as the previous year's Return of the Jedi, which still used static physical models shot by moving film cameras.

The Last Starfighter was the final theatrical film role of actor Robert Preston before his death. His character, a "lovable con-man," was a nod to his most famous role as Harold Hill in The Music Man.


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