Retrofinds - Batfink Short Circuit Case Full Episode

Even back in the 80's I thought Batfink was a bit of a cheap show. It had the practically the same story every week and also used so much of the same animation. The Beep, the fights, etc. It must have cost next to nothing to make! Anyway heres a full episode.

Hugo A Go Go is causing electrical disturbances throughout the city. Batfink is the only one brave enough to try and stop him. Will Batfink be able to get past Hugo's radar jamming equipment to find his hideout?

Heres another episode. This is one of the best of the lot
Batfink is accused and jailed for a crime he did NOT commit, courtesy of Hugo A Go-Go and HIS mechanical wings of steel. Will Karate be able to bail out his boss, or will Batfink have to bail HIM out?