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Alcohol is nice, very nice, but as a hardened gamer, I just can't get rid of the feeling that there's something missing from a glass of fine whisky. Is it some kind of mixer? No, that's not it. Is it a fine cigar? No, thanks. Is it an army of intergalactic invaders intent on destroying our very way of life? Yes! Yes, it is.

Perhaps one of the greatest freezer-based inventions of all time, I first noticed these rather nifty, and oh-so-wantable Ice Invaders Space Invader-style ice cube trays - while mooching around for geek-chic presents, and stumbled upon the website of Fred & Friends (

As well as the amazing ice cubes, the company also makes a range of other off-the-wall items, including a souper-hero spoon, Pac-Man oven glove and another ice-cube-themed product, Gin & Titonic (yes, it's an irony-fuelled Titanic-shaped ice cube). There's a host of other items, many with a geek theme. Great stuff.

There's no UK outlet, but we did find the Ice Invaders on our side of the Atlantic. Hopefully, some of the other too clever products will make the trip across too. Till then, have a cool-cooled drink to console yourself.