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Retro Telephones
How long did it use to take to dial a number? Remember the clicking noise when you were dialing? How heavy was that handset? The ring will always remind me of a doctor's sugery.
If you had to dial emergency services in the UK it was 999.
9.....wait for dial to return...
9....wait for dial to return....
forget it!
How would people manage to day? No memories! No cordless handsets! Most colours were white!
And yet they still hold some special memory for me. You can actually buy these now for around £50 with a proper BT connection on them. Believe it or not they even come with the clicking noise!
"Modelled on the classic 1970s style BT home phone, these Retro Telephones are ideal for anybody with a passion for out-dated decor! Ready for use with modern telephone cables and sockets, these beautifully crafted machines have that fabulous click and whir dialling action and even have that classic hollow ring tone!"