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Space Opera Society Wants To Bring Back Quality Science Fiction

Do you ever wonder if we'll ever see the good old days when quality Sci-fi was all over TV?  DS9, Voyager, SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, BSG.  Remember when we were spoiled with these quality shows?  What happened?  Did you get frustrated when big TV studios would cancel your favourite space opera show after just twelve episodes?  Or cancel the new Stargate after two seasons just when it was getting good?  What would they replace it with?  Wrestling or some poorly made Megashark movie. SOS (Space Opera Society) are trying to bring back the glory days.  A non profit production studio which will produce original and quality science fiction for the web and possibly more. Now don't be put off thinking that this is a bunch of guys with a camera and a green screen.  SOS is a collaboration of writers, producers, SFX gurus and more who love the genre and worked on some of the top sci-fi show ever made.  Don't believe me?  Check out the video below to see the quality that can be expe…