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Love In The First Degree - Bananarama (Official Music Video)

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Vauxhall Cavalier 'car of the future' advert 1980s

 The Future, Now!

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Retro Shake 'n' Vac Advert is back in Remake

SHE starred in one of the most famous - and catchiest - British telly ads of all time.
Now the vacuuming Shake 'n' Vac housewife is set to return to TVs in a 2010 remake.
And THE SUN has got its hands on the clip to give its readers a first look.

Jenny Logan was the star of the original "Do the Shake 'n' Vac and put the freshness back" ad.

And now - as a pensioner - she has grabbed her vac' again to film a modern version.
Makers Glade tracked down Jenny for the remake to mark 30 years since the famous clip first aired.
Sprightly Jenny - who throws herself around the room in the new clip - said she was thrilled to take part.
She said: "People still come up to me singing the jingle today!"

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