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Chaos - The Best Game on The Spectrum

Chaos: The Battle of Wizards is a turn-based tactics computer game which was released on the ZX Spectrum in 1985. It was written by Julian Gollop and originally published by Games Workshop. Quite simply this was the best game on the spectrum and even today would still be in my top games.
You can play an updated version here

retrofinds Chaos download

Here is an informative video on the different versions of Chaos.

Chaos is a turn-based game. Each turn, every player in order selects and casts a spell, then moves their wizard and any summoned creatures.

Here is Crash magazine's original review of Chaos


  • Producer: Games Workshop
  • Retail Price: £7.95
  • Language: machine code
  • Author: SLUG

Chaos is a game of magical combat between 2 to 8 wizards with over 50 animated spells, and creatures summoned to resolve the question of who will become the Lord of Creation. Each player takes his turn to select and cast spells and move the summoned creatures. The winner is the last wizard left alive after all the zapping is over, but there is a limit on the number of turns to achieve a victory, so a contest can be drawn.

The options open to enliven play are commendably large. Up to 8 wizards can be selected and any or all can be controlled by the computer. Further, the intelligence of the computer can be altered from a low one to its most competent at 8, at which level it plays a mean game. Like Talisman, Chaos is a complex strategy game but it can be boiled down to choosing spells, and part of the joy of the game is to become familiar with how each spell functions. If you are not familiar with D&D this may take a considerable length of time, although you might see it as one way of introducing yourself to the genre. Spells, which can summon up creatures or elements like fire, lightning etc. are either Lawful, Chaotic or Neutral, where casting Chaos spells make the universe more chaotic and less favourable for Law. Having chosen your spell, there is no guarantee it will be successfully cast — this is determined by the type of spell (10% for a Golden Dragon, 100% for a Giant rat) where there is a lesser chance of casting a powerful spell. Illusions, however, are always cast but are susceptible to the Disbelieve spell.

Starting the game and consulting the spell tables it soon becomes apparent that this is a very attractively designed game with a super clear and large redefined character set a million miles from that of the Spectrum. This neatness and presentability, along with the efficient beeps and buzzes, tell you this game was designed with the best intentions — to please the purchaser. The spell list is not only colourful, the shade of colour indicates how difficult each spell is to cast. To see exactly what you might be letting yourself in for you can check out the spell with the information files which give some idea of the range and power of the spell along with the vulnerability of the combatant and its opponent. Spells include the Gooey Blob, which spreads and engulfs enemy creatures but does not affect your creatures; magic fire which can spread alarmingly, trapping and killing the enemy; to magic wings, a spell that transfers the wizard into a flying creature with a wide range of action. The creatures a wizard summons prove useful in many different ways. Flying creatures can hop over obstacles, wizards on mounts move more freely and with greater safety, and the undead can only be attacked by other undead.

The screen starts off very simply and uncluttered (perhaps too simply — a terrain of, say, bushes and walls might have added some atmosphere) but as each wizard summons more and more creatures it soon becomes busy enough for one or two sparks to fly. The graphics are very pleasing with super sprites of arrows and lightning bolts. The many dragons, bears, lions, hydra etc each have their own easily recognisable forms and motions. It’s true that I chiefly review adventure games, but I must say just how impressive the sound here is — it has the little Spectrum speaker straining in a quite a harmonious fashion. The sounds are thick and throaty and you really feel every bolt of lightning as it hits you.

It is difficult to get everything right in a very complicated game but I did feel there could have been a status report for your wizard’s strength, hit points and magical resistance during the game. The way things are, you don’t know how much damage has been done. Perhaps a greater number of missile attacks like the Magic Missile of Dungeons and Dragons may have broadened interest further. Also, a fireball spell would have proved a useful area effect spell. A constant problem during play is the quick disappearance of information concerning your opponents’ spells which flash up too quickly to read before they are gone.

Chaos serves up something that has long been needed in the computer games world, a game which can be played by a great number of players not in a token sense, but in a fully competetive framework whereby each player is actively involved. Games Workshop have brought their knowledge of D&D and board-games to the microcomputer in a very professional manner and have produced games of real substance.


Difficulty: easy to play, once you get into it
Graphics: combat area is sparse but character and special effects graphics are good
Presentation: good, with large colourful text
Response: very fast
General rating: very good strategy game

Getting started7
Addictive qualities8

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Retrofinds remembersTin Can Alley game

retrofinds 70's 80's retro
I never had this game but my friend from across the road did. To be honest I was pretty unimpressed. Even though it had no wires and was all infrared I was still underwhelmed by this game. The gun was not realistic and after about five minutes I was bored and wanted to go out and play War up the park or play with my star wars figures. But still I saw this picture the other day and it brought back memories.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Whatever Happened To The 70's Iceage?

What ever happened to the ice age we were going to get in the 1970's?

I remember when I was a kid way back in the late 70's that everyone was saying we are going into a new ice age. Back then I thought that it wouldn't be a bad thing. I loved snow and school would be out more often than not. I could pretend I was on the planet Hoth and that At-At would definitely be on my Christmas list. But seriously though, news on TV, newspapers and scientists when they got the chance would scare us in to believing there is an ice age imminent. Obviously now we here about global warming. I can't help but feel a bit skeptical. I realise these days that being doubtful about climate change etc is almost heresy but blame the 70's. Please don't shoot me down in flames, a famous person sums up quite nicely how I feel:

"fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again" - George Bush

By the way I never got an At-At.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Retrofinds remembers the Wham Bar!

I loved the Wham bar of the 80's. For two reasons. One they were huge! For 10p you got a huge bar of pink chewy candy with fizzy hard green pieces embeded in the candy. Also they tasted great.

I would always buy a wham bar when I had pocket money. It would keep me quiet for ages. I do remember going to the newsagent opposite my school and carefully choosing a wham bar by feeling the wrappers to see which one felt like it had the most sparkly green bits in it. If it felt smooth it was going back in the pile. If it felt bumpy then it was the one for me.

Wham bar has had a bit of a revival of late (pictured) but they are not as big as they used to be and obviously cost more. Still if you see one in the shop make sure you feel them first before buying.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Retrofinds Remembers Bazooka Joe Bubble Gum

I loved the taste of Bazooka Joe Bubble Gum. What bubble gum should be. Looks like bubble gum, smells like bubble gum and tastes like bubble gum. Whats more you had a mini comic strip with them too. "I've read that one already" would usually be the response from your friends. If you collect enough you could send away for a gift like binoculars. Everytime I bought a bazooka joe I would be determined this time to start collecting the comic strips and send away. I never did. I still had to pay for posting and packaging and I rather spend my hard earned pocket money on more sweets, comics, star wars figures, trading cards and Wham bars.

retrofinds, star wars, kenner, collect all 21!

Saturday, 25 April 2009

The Complete Making of Indiana Jones by J. W Rinzler

I have to say this is probably one of the best, if not THE best making of book I have ever read. Three hundred pages of Indiana Jones bliss. The authors have certainly done their research. All four films are covered with amazing detail so its a complete book and an absolute must for any Indy fan.

They have included snippets of original scripts including the idea George Lucas proposed for the sequel to have a haunted theme. Chris Columbus was hired to write the script. His first draft is set in Scotland where Indiana Jones is on a relaxing holiday and hears about a haunted mansion and people disappearing.

A second draft by Chris Columbus takes his adventures to Africa where he comes across a talking Monkey King who forces Indy to play chess with real people. If the piece is taken then that person disappears. I kid you not!

Also another bit of trivia I found out from this book was this. Everyone knows that Tom Selleck was the original choice for Indy but did you know who else turned up for the auditions???

Ready for this? David Hasselhoff!!!

Audition photos from the book

The layout of the book is fantastic. It has photos and illustrations on every page with explanations. Turning each page is a treat to read. Well laid out with nice glossy pages. I have never seen so much information for Indiana Jones all in one place. The authors have really tried to avoid the usual recycled stories and have catered for every kind of fan including the hard core who may have read several times that there was a bad case of food poisioning during shooting for Raiders. No matter how much of an expert you are, you will find something you didn't know in this book.

DID YOU KNOW : Another star had to withdraw due to TV commitments: in this case, Danny DeVito, who was to play the role of Sallah, but who was forced to drop out due to conflicts with Taxi.

DID YOU KNOW : Known for his dedication to make stunts look as real as possible, Harrison Ford actually herniated his back in the scene where he is attacked in his bedroom by a Thuggee assassin. As a result, production had to shut down for Ford to be flown to LA to have an operation.

DID YOU KNOW : The recipe for some of the Pankot Palace feast, the “chilled monkey-brains” were made from custard and raspberry sauce.

I certainly recommend this book. From cover to cover this book has it all. Exclusive interviews with Spielberg, George Lucas, Harrison Ford and more, never before seen artwork and loads from the Lucasfilm archives.

You can pick this wonderful book up now for about £25/$20 off Amazon. What a bargain!

I have also reviewed the Complete Soundtrack Collection here

Early concepts for the Raiders logos.

Storyboard illustrations.

Thats a Ford Cortina in the background

Friday, 24 April 2009

Williams Shatner Sings - How to Handle A Woman

retrofinds - retro star wars 70's 80's
Any excuse to post a video of William Shatner singing. How To Handle A Woman. It's one thing for Shatner to speak the words but is it me or does he almost say "How to handle a woman? There's a way said a"?
Did he almost say woman instead of man? I love the way the audience claps. I just imagine someone holding a big card saying "CLAP...PLEASE!!!"
Love that shirt too.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Retro advert - P-P-P-Pick up a Penguin

retrofinds retro, star wars, kenner 70's 80's

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Goonies 2? Possibly!

Feldman Teases Huge 'Goonies' Reunion, Possible Sequel News

I'd like to think a Goonies sequel won't be happening anytime soon, unless Steven Spielberg, Richard Donner and the gang decide to either remake the original with new kids or create some sort of spinoff (a la Ghostbusters 3) with part of the original cast, a bunch of new recruits and Zac Efron as the annoying big brother. God, I think my heart stopped there for a second -- but anyway, there is some interesting Goonies news, and it comes in the form of a massive cast reunion as part of Empire's special 20th anniversary issue, which was guest edited by Steven Spielberg and hits UK stands tomorrow.

Over on his blog Corey Feldman teases a whole bunch of cool goodies, like photos, interviews, videos and more. He says, "Along witha group photo of the cast , and Producers, there are exclusive one on one photos and interviews with each member of the cast. In addition there was also a lot of video shot that day. We even did a group interview on camera exclusively for Empire, where we all reminisced about the amazing times we shared together making the film, a few unheard Goonie secrets, and reflected on our collective love for the film and hopes for its future. This was a very special day for all of us. I will go more into detail about the events of the day in my next blog, but for now I would like to thank EMPIRE for giving me the right to announce this exclusively at and want to inform you that to see it all for yourselves please go to Don't miss this one, who knows if it will ever happen again. Hopefully it is just the start of more good Goonie things to come."

Clint at Moviehole thinks Spielberg might use this opportunity to announce a new Goonies film, though he may also go in the direct opposite direction and put rumors to rest by saying there won't be another installment. Either way this looks to be a very cool piece of awesomeness heading our way later this week, and we'll report back once Empire starts chucking things up on their website.

Strangest Toy of the week - Star Trek Meets Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

These toys were brought to my attention by a colleague in work and I have to be honest they are one of the weirdest franchise crossovers I have seen. Captain Leonardo!!! Check out First Officer Donatello's hand doing the vulcan sign. I just feel sorry for Chief Engineer Michaelangelo with the red shirt. Not going to last long if he goes on an away mission.
retrofinds 80's 70's star trek wars

Retro 1970's phone - Retrofinds remembers.

Retrofinds remembers old phones
Retro Telephones
How long did it use to take to dial a number? Remember the clicking noise when you were dialing? How heavy was that handset? The ring will always remind me of a doctor's sugery.
If you had to dial emergency services in the UK it was 999.
9.....wait for dial to return...
9....wait for dial to return....
forget it!
How would people manage to day? No memories! No cordless handsets! Most colours were white!
And yet they still hold some special memory for me. You can actually buy these now for around £50 with a proper BT connection on them. Believe it or not they even come with the clicking noise!
"Modelled on the classic 1970s style BT home phone, these Retro Telephones are ideal for anybody with a passion for out-dated decor! Ready for use with modern telephone cables and sockets, these beautifully crafted machines have that fabulous click and whir dialling action and even have that classic hollow ring tone!"

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

retrofinds - 80's music - Rah Band Clouds Across The Moon

retrofinds - retro - 80's 70's star wars kenner
retrofinds loves Rah Band Clouds Across The Moon

The RAH Band was a fictitious studio based group (fictitious in that it was no group, it contained only him); RAH being the initials for Richard Anthony Hewson. In 1977 Hewson wrote an instrumental called "The Crunch", which climbed to number 6 in the UK Singles Chart.[3] Hewson played all the musical instruments himself. A number of jazz funk releases followed. The second big hit single for the RAH Band was in 1985, when the soul ballad "Clouds Across the Moon", also reached number 6 in the UK chart. This single was recorded in conjunction with his then wife, Liz, on vocals.

Monday, 20 April 2009

New cover and forward for John Booth's Collect All 21! Memoirs of a Star Wars Geek.

This is the new cover to the excellent book Collect All 21! Memoirs of a Star Wars Geek. If you love Star Wars, remember the star wars toys of the 70's and 80's and you haven't read this book yet then you are missing out on a fantastic read.
Check out John's blog and news about the new Collect All 21 edition
John Booth's Blog
and my previous review of the book

80's Yellowpages Advert Hornby- Retrofinds

retrofinds - retro - 80's 70's star wars
80's Yellowpages Advert - Retrofinds

Sunday, 19 April 2009

cinema ads with pearl and dean intro and outro

Retrofinds presents Pearl and Dean with adverts. Bring back those cinema memories.
Coca Cola, Terry's chocolate orange, kia ora, golden wonder retro super heroes crisps, plus more. With Pearl and Dean intro and outro.

John Noakes - Keep dogs on leads

retrofinds, retro, kenner, 80's, 70's

Superman Opening Credits with John Williams Soundtrack

retro retrofinds superman 80's 70's
Some movie memories will always stick with you and this is one of them. Its strange that for some reason the opening credits to the original 1978 Superman with Christopher Reeves sticks in my mind. I remember seeing the cast names flying through the screen and the fantastic John Williams soundtrack embedding in my mind. Superb.


Saturday, 18 April 2009

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We also have a facebook group
retrofinds - facebook group
and we Twit on Twitter.
Don't forget. If anyone has any retro news, photos, videos or want to do a guest post please feel free to send me a message or email.

Shredded Wheat with Jaws Richard Kiel from James Bond

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Retrofinds - April 1983 Top Ten UK Music Charts

1 Let's dance David Bowie

2 Is there something I should know Duran Duran
Top Of The Pops Live

3 Church of the poison mind Culture Club

4 Boxer beat Joboxers

5 Breakaway Tracey Ulman

6 Beat it Michael Jackson


7 Words F.R. David

8 Ooh to be ah Kajagoogoo

9 Speak like a child Style Council

10 Sweet dreams (are made of this) Eurythmics

Friday, 17 April 2009

Soundtrack review - Best Of Adventure Soundtrack Compilation CD

This is must CD if you can get your hands on it. It has some fantastic soundtracks including some rare ones such as The Young Indiana Jones title and the complete previously unreleased eighteen minute Goonies suite from Dave Grusin. This eighteen minute rendition is worth the asking price alone and is one of the only places you can get this suite.

It boasts impresssive artwork on the cover which would make a great poster. It comes on two cds and tracks are performed by The City Of Prague Philharmonic and The Budapest Studio Orchestra. A great addition to a soundtrack collectors collection. Only problem is that it is quite a rare CD. Going for about $70 on amazon and about $40 on ebay.
Also see my review of the Indiana Jones Soundtrack Collection
Track listing

Disc/Cassette 1

1. Cliffhanger: Main Title (03:33)
Trevor Jones
2. The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: Main Title (01:35)
Laurence Rosenthal
3. Jaws: Suite (06:47)
John Williams
4. Camel Advertisement: Search For The Golden Warrior (01:40)
John Scott
5. Last Of The Mohicans: Main Title Theme (02:46)
Trevor Jones
6. Flight Of The Intruder: Finale Scene (Intruder March) (02:07)
Basil Poledouris
7. Rambo II: Main Theme (02:34)
Jerry Goldsmith
8. King Solomon's Mines: No Diamonds (04:10)
Jerry Goldsmith
9. Marco Polo: Main Theme (02:34)
Ennio Morricone
10. Empire Of The Sun: Jim's Activities (02:47)
John Williams
11. The Duellist: Main Theme (05:05)
Howard Blake
12. Farewell To The King: Main Title (01:53)
Basil Poledouris
13. The Mission: On Earth As It Is In Heaven (03:48)
Ennio Morricone
14. The Goonies: Suite (18:44)
Dave Grusin
15. The Power And The Glory: Suite (06:27)
Laurence Rosenthal
16. Casulties Of War: Elegy For Brown (03:45)
Ennio Morricone
17. 1942 - Conquest Of Paradise: Main Theme (04:49)

Disc/Cassette 2

1. Jurassic Park: Main Theme (03:27)
John Williams
2. Camel Advertisement: Phantom Of The Sun (01:55)
John Scott
3. Jaws - The Revenge: Suite (11:03)
Michael Small, John Williams
4. Highroad To China: Main Theme (02:42)
John Barry
5. Shoot To Kill: Suite (06:32)
John Scott
6. Riddle Of The Sands: Main Title (04:28)
Howard Blake
7. Remo: Suite (07:50)
Craig Safan
8. Raiders Of The Lost Ark: Raiders' March (05:12)
John Williams
9. Bear Island: Main Title (03:41)
Robert Farnon
10. Savage Island: End Credits (04:59)
Trevor Jones
11. Arachnophobia: End Credits (04:53)
Trevor Jones
12. Fandango: Go On! (04:50)
Alan Silvestri
13. Fandango: If You Don't Come With Me (05:17)
Alan Silvestri
14. Fandango: Water Skiing (02:51)
Alan Silvestri
15. Fandango: Good-Bye Friend (02:22)
Alan Silvestri
16. Fandango: Out You Go (02:27)
Alan Silvestri

Total Duration: 02:29:33

Here is a sample of the Goonies suite. obviously not as good as the full eighteen minute suite.

More pics and video on the C64 laptop

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Retrofinds - 8-bit tunes

retrofinds, 80's 70's 8-bit star wars retro

I was browsing Youtube and came across 8-Bit Tunes. Great classic tunes that have been converted to 8-bit by GermanNintendoGamer. So for that retro feel play Axel-F and others as if was being played on that C64.



Beat It

Another Brick In The Wall

Crockett's Theme

Sweet Dreams

Dont' You Want Me

Check out his Youtube channel here


Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Retrofinds - 80's Music - Oakey and Moroder

Retrofinds - 80's Music - Oakey and Moroder
For me, one of my favourite 80's albums if not the best was the little known and criminally overlooked Oakey And Moroder's album. I love every track on this album (A rare thing to find an album where you enjoy every track.) I remember listening to this over my friends house on his ghetto blaster and couldn't believe how good it was. Each track continues into the next. The amazing synthesizer sounds were and are still impressive.
Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder was a collaborative album released in 1985 by Philip Oakey, lead singer of the electronic band The Human League and seminal electro producer Giorgio Moroder, whose early records had been a major influence on Oakey.

The album is most notable for containing the song "Together in Electric Dreams", which was the title track for the movie Electric Dreams and a major hit single. In fact, the album was essentially a spin-off project set up by Virgin records to capitalise on the success of the single.

The album consists mainly of sequenced beats, along with dinstinctly FM-generated bell-like sounds, and a number of sounds generated by analog synthesizers. Interestingly enough, this album uses very little sampling. Notable, also, is that the first five songs on this album (the entire first side on the original vinyl LP version) are segu├ęd together.

In 1985 two further singles were released from the album. In July 1985 "Good-Bye Bad Times" was released with a big budget music video but only reached number 44 in the UK singles chart. This was followed up in August 1985 with "Be My Lover Now" which reached only number 74. The lack of success of the singles effectively put an end to the brief Oakey/Moroder partnership. After recording this album, Philip Oakey returned to work on the next Human League album, Crash in early 1986.

The Human League regularly perform "Together in Electric Dreams" at their live concerts, usually with Philip Oakey giving named credit to Giorgio Moroder.

In 2003, in an interview by Simon Price included on the The Very Best of the Human League (DVD), Oakey was asked to comment on the experience of working with his idol Moroder on this project. He diplomatically characterises him as a "very quick worker", claiming they made the entire album in a few days.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Hoth Battle Created with 60'000 lego pieces

retrofinds collect all 21! star wars
Hoth Battle Created with 60'000 lego pieces
Not only is this Lego Star Wars diorama of the ice world Hoth fun to look at, it's got some gadgety goodness inside too. Oh, and footprints. Tons of tiny minifig footprints.

As the headline says, the 5′X10′ diorama is comprised of 60,000 Lego bricks. It cost creator Mark Borlase about $3,000 and four years of construction time to complete.

There's also the 50 LED lights that illuminate the Echo Base hangar and bacta tank with a soothing blue. Motorized AT-AT wenches and a fully operational hanger door top off this gorgeous pile of eye candy.

And according to the block heads over at Brothers Brick the diorama also won the recent "Star Wars building challenge" and was featured in the official LEGO Magazine. Source :

Ghostbusters The Video Game - Almost Ghostbusters 3

Ghostbusters The Video Game. Its almost Ghostbusters 3.
The game is based on the Ghostbusters film franchise. Ghostbusters creator Dan Aykroyd has confirmed that the game is essentially Ghostbusters 3.

The game's storyline was written by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis, the writers of the original films. They, along with Bill Murray and Ernie Hudson, will also lend their voices and likenesses to the game. Several supporting cast members, such as William Atherton (Walter Peck), Brian Doyle-Murray (as the new mayor of New York, Jock Mulligan) and Annie Potts (Janine) have also signed on. However, Rick Moranis (Louis Tully) declined to end his retirement from acting to be a part of the game. In addition, Sigourney Weaver will not be reprising her role of Dana Barrett. Instead, Alyssa Milano will be playing the role of the new love interest in the game, Dr. Ilyssa Selwyn.

Dan Aykroyd has revealed that he prefers the Wii version of Ghostbusters: The Video Game because of its graphical resemblance to The Incredibles.

Speaking to Newsweek, the actor - who provides a voiceover in the game - also expressed his gratitude to the developers for portraying him several pounds lighter.

"Honestly, I love the way we look in the Wii platform, because it resembles the animation that was done in The Incredibles," he said.

"Anybody who looks like an Incredible is automatically a superhero. And I was so pleased that they shaved off at least 60 pounds from my current bulk. The boys look good. We resemble the actors who were in the first movie. You wouldn’t want us out there looking as we do today."

(source : digitalspy)

Head over to to see how Dan Ackroyd wants the game to lead to a new movie and also video footage of the game

Ghostbusters: The Video Game is released for multiple formats in June.

Check out the official website for all the latest on the game and videos.

My recent post on the C64 Ghostbusters music

Jaws 2 Orchestra playing "Down Town" - retrofinds video

Jaws 2 Orchestra playing "Down Town" - retrofinds video
I'm trying to think why I did this!

retro, retrofinds, jaws vintage star wars kenner collect all 21


Monday, 13 April 2009

What is you favourite Star Wars figure?

So tell me what your favourite vintage Star Wars figure is. What one figure holds the most memories for you.
For me it was Yoda. Simply because I remember one summer my Dad decided to start a part-time window cleaning round and I came along to help. It was hard work but at the end of the day I was rewarded. My Dad took me into the local store and said choose any figure you want. So Yoda came home with me that day. I never forgot that day so every time I see a carded Yoda I think about that day with my Dad. Good memories.

One of my least favourite memories was one summers day I left my Star Wars figures in the garden shed after the Rebellion successfully defended the garden from the evil empire. Anyway I went in for dinner and when I came out my figures were gone! I was devastated. I can't remember all the figures but I do remember one was Darth Vader. I later found out from a kid who lived across the road that he was playing with his friend from our school who saw me playing with the figures. When I was gone he decided to take the figures. The kid from across the road had the figures there in his back yard. He was playing with them and (not convincingly) tried to tell me that he had nothing to do with it. I was just happy to get my figures back but Darth Vader had his vinyl cape replaced with a cloth cape. I rather liked it actually but I never spoke to that boy again and I always took my figures back into the house when I was finished. Lessons learnt

VISIT RETROFINDS - Web's best forum for Star Wars collecting. Also the friendliest forum you will ever join.

Commodore 64 Gets Turned Into a Laptop

retrofinds, retro, star wars, kenner 70's 80's
Ben Heckendorn’s (BenHeck) is probably best known for stuffing the innards of an Xbox 360 into laptops, but here he’s taken one of the best-loved PCs of the 80s and done the same. Time to party like it’s 1982.

Read the full story here :

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Retrofinds - Star Trek Fans expecting to see Wrath of Khan get to see new Trek Movie!

star trek movie retrofinds, retro, 70's 80's kenner
The new Star Trek movie was shown to eager star trek fans who THOUGHT they were going to watch a special screening of 1982's Star Trek Wrath of Khan. but when the film burned in the gate, Leonard Nimoy burst through the doors to save the day with a print of the new Star Trek film. Thanks to Paramount and Leonard Nimoy, Austin hosted the world premiere of Star Trek on April 6, 2009 at 10:00 PM

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Retrofinds - Red Dwarf returns on Dave.

red dwarf retro retrofinds
Just watched the first episode of the new Red Dwarf on UK's satellite channel DAVE and can confirm that it is very good. Red Dwarf Back To Earth has great character banter is back that was sadly missing in series 7 and 8. Rimmer and Lister's chemistry is back. Only thing missing is the canned laughter.

Heres the link to Dave's Red Dwarf page

To celebrate the 21st birthday of Red Dwarf, we're bringing back the original cast for a three part special over Easter. Check out the Red Dwarf on Dave Easter schedule.
Continued here...

First 10 minutes... (please watch the rest on Dave if possible or buy the DVD when it comes out. They may make some more)

1978 - Kenner Says Star Wars Is Forever - George Lucas plans 12 more films

This promotional video from Kenner from 1978 tells us that George Lucas and 20th Century Fox plan 12 more Star Wars movies and big Star Wars plans for summer '79

Retrofinds - 80's music - The Ivory Tower Giorgio Moroder

Retrofinds - 80's music - The Ivory Tower Giorgio Moroder
When I bought the single "The Neverending Story" by Giorgio Morodoer I played side B and couldn't believe how fantastic this piece of music was. Great instrumental which has so much atmosphere. Incidentally this was also played by the BBC during the late 80's and early 90's for there Grand Prix F1 coverage.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Retrofinds - Post Office advert with David Bellamy

retrofinds retro 80's 80s 70's 70s
Retrofinds - Post Office advert with David Bellamy

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Retrofinds - 80's music - Nik Kershaw 1984 Wouldn't It Be Good

80's Great Music
Retrofinds loves Nik Kershaw 1984 Wouldn't It Be Good
The second single from Kershaw's debut solo album Human Racing, it was among his more popular singles spending three weeks at #4 in the UK charts and becoming a hit throughout Europe. It is also the song with which he is most closely associated in the U.S., where it narrowly missed going Top 40. Kershaw performed this song at Live Aid in London's Wembley Stadium, in July 1985.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Retrofinds - retro ads - Country life Butter

retrofinds, retro, 80's, 70's star wars vintage kenner


Retrofinds remembers the Marathon bar.

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1990 was a sad year! It marked the end of the 80's and also the end of the Marathon Bar. Bring back the Marathon. Make the world that little bit "right" again.

This article was from the Daily Mail last year. Anyone got any news on this?


Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Retrofinds - Retro food - Quatro drink.

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Quatro! Who remembers Quatro? I loved that drink. I used to buy a can which my pocket money. I loved the green colour and was one of the few cans of drink I would actually pour into a glass just to see the luminous green. Wish they would bring it back. Maybe someone should start a petition.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Retrofinds - Retro Movies - 1984 Karate Kid

Retrofinds Movie of the Week is THE KARATE KID

Okay it hasnt got the most original story but The Karate Kid is and always will be a classic 80's movie. A feel good factor and an ending that no matter how predictable will still give you goose bumps and leave a smile on your face. Mr Miyagi is a character that will go down in movie history.
One part I absolutely love is the beach training scene, mainly for the fantastic music by Bill Conti and the haunting pan pipe score

Also loved the song Young Hearts from Commuter

Also great 80s song "Feel The Night" performed by Baxter Robertson.

and The Moment of Truth - Survivor

Love the ending to Karate Kid - This is the song "You're the Best"