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Airwolf Startup sequence - retrofinds video

Airwolf Startup sequence - retrofinds video

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Java Speak & spell online


This will bring back memories. - An online Java version of Speak and Spell by Texas Instruments - Wheres E.T?

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Columbo from Fade In To Murder talking about Jaws Amity Island - retrodfinds

Columbo from "Fade In To Murder" Talking about Jaws at the superb Universal Studios 1976. One year after Jaws was released.

Below are two pictures. See how the shark has changed in 30 years

Jaws Universal Hollywood 1976 (Notice the Amity Island sign in the background that was vandalised in the film)

Jaws Universal Hollywood 2006

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Click here to see Jaws in 3 minutes set to John Williams the Barrel Chase
also my Jaws 2 trailer
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Columbo - Fade In To Murder Video Recorder $3000

This clip is from the Columbo episode "Fade in to Murder" with Peter Falk and William Shatner. This is from 1976 and shown is one of the first Video Recorders. Columbo asks how much one of those would cost. The reply is $3000!!!

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Chips opening credits - retrofinds retro TV

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E.T The Video Game - Retrofinds looks back at a video gaming disaster.

Following the record-breaking success of E.T. at the box office in June 1982, Steve Ross, CEO of Atari's parent company Warner Communications, entered talks with Steven Spielberg and Universal Pictures to obtain rights to produce a video game based on the film. In July, Warner announced that it had acquired the exclusive worldwide rights to market E.T. It was widely reported that Atari had paid US$20–25 million for the rights!!!

When asked by Ross what he thought about making an E.T.-based video game, Atari CEO Ray Kassar replied, "I think it's a dumb idea. We've never really made an action game out of a movie." Ultimately though, the decision was not Kassar's to make, and the deal went through.

The task of designing and programming of the game was then offered to Howard Scott Warshaw, whom Spielberg requested due to his previous work on the video game adaptation of the film Raiders of the Lost Ark. Due to the considerable amount of time that had been spent i…

Retro Soundtracks - Back To The Future 2 - Alan Silvestri

Main Title - Alan Silvestri

Back to the Future 2 - Great film and great soundtrack by Alan Silvestri. Enjoy.

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Star Wars Give A Show Projector retrofinds look back. new photos

I picked this up the other week off ebay. Love this item. I always wanted one of these. Before the days of video recorders and DVD players this was as close as we could get to watching the Star Wars movies in our bedroom.

It comes with 112 slides (some pictured below) on 16 strips which you manually feed through the slot on the front. Some of the slides are quite laughable. I really like this item and is a nice addition to anyones collection.

Click on the pics for larger photos.

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Retro Tv - The Unknown Stuntman, The Fall guy with karaoke singalong lyrics

The Fall Guy - The Unknown Stuntman song with on screen lyrics for a good singalong

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Ghostbusters music on the C64 - retrofinds

It was a Saturday and as usual I was wasting some time in the town centre. I popped into WH-Smiths to play on the computers that they had on display. BBC micros, spectrums, Acorns and a Commodore 64 were on show.
After doing the usual :
10 print "Rob is cool";
20 goto 10

I decided to play on the Commodore 64. Running was the brand new Ghostbusters game. To my amazement it had speech! In a game. Whats more I could actually press the space bar and the TV would shout "Ghostbusters!". I thought the bouncing ball was amazing the way it bounced over the words. I didn't care about the game. I just loved the introduction and wanted it for myself. I had £2 so couldn't afford it. Another budget title was what I went home with.
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Star Wars George Lucas In Love Video

George Lucas in Love is an independent short film that started attracting notice in June 1999 when it was passed around Hollywood offices as a filmmaker's "calling card". Many wrongly think it was a student film, but its makers had been out of film school for a few years when it was shot.
This is a fantastic video that captures the 1970's nicely. I particularly like the superb music that was orchestrated by Melanie Dimmick. Watch out for the Howard the Duck reference right at the end.


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Raleigh Strika

I used to have one of these bikes. The Raleigh Strika. I loved this bike! Not as big as a Raleigh Grifter and there were no gears. It had simulated suspension on the front. I do remember adding some card to the back wheel to get that rat-a-tat noise. Towards the end the chain kept slipping off usually while I was bombing down a hill in the local park. Great memories
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our first video recorder -Ferguson 8922 - retrofinds

I came across some pictures the other day on the web of our very first video recorder. The Ferguson 8922 VHS Video Recorder. I think it was 1980 when we got our first video recording machine

Anyway the Video shop had just opened up around the corner where you could actually rent videos for three nights. So I asked my Dad if I could have a film to watch to which he said yes. I remember the very first film that I hired and watched on video. It was Battle Beyond The Stars with George Peppard and Richard Thomas.

Although the film was poor I didn't care because it was fantastic to watch a film when I wanted to, I could pause the film and have a toilet break and there were no commercial breaks. I was also given my own blank tape. A E60 vhs cassette. This was amazing. I filled it with everything, at first cartoons etc then parts of movies. I wrote on the spine of the tape "Robs tape - do not touch". I broke the tab and would use sellotape to cover up the hole when I w…

Thames TV retro opening titles - retrofinds

Thames TV retro TV opening titles. This brings back memories.

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Justin Lee Collins to reunite The Goonies?

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Found this article from dengeek.comJustin Lee Collins to reunite The Goonies?The next Bring Back… special for Channel Four has The Goonies firmly in its sights…In the past, Justin Lee Collins has put together TV shows where he's reunited many of the cast of the likes of Star Wars, Fame and The A-Team in a series of special one-offs for Channel Four. And while we've found the end result has been a little up and down, you can't knock the bloke's enthusiasm for the task in hand. It's often, too, genuinely fascinating to catch up with the faces from said films and shows, especially when they occasionally touch on some of the stories from behind the scenes at the time.However, our geek radar was alerted when it was revealed who the next target of one of Collins' programmes was going to be. And, it seems, he's off to reunite The Goonies.This is a fine mission to undertake, and one we wish him all the best on. We…

Columbo Murder by the book - retrofinds

"Murder by the Book" (1971)
This episode believe it or not was directed by Steven Spielberg!
Looking more like a unmade bed than one of the world's greatest homicide detectives, Lt. Columbo is still the best man to solve the mysterious death of a popular mystery writer.

Though he quickly finds the culprit, the killer (Jack Cassidy) has devised airtight alibis and Columbo must use all of his considerable faculties to trick him into a confession. Steven Spielberg's direction coupled with 's Peter Falk's flawless portrayal of the laid-back gumshoe, makes "Murder by the Book" one of the series' finest episodes.
I am a huge fan of Columbo and never grow tired of watching Columbo in action. Check out this original trailer for the episode Murder By The Book.

For a great book on Peter Falk read "Just One More Thing"
Its a very funny book and as Peter explains himself it is a book that can be read in small segments so you can read between breaks…

Ewok Songs a comparison. Star Wars Return of the Jedi endings

Lets make no doubt that John Williams is a genius when it comes to musical scores. When George Lucas decided to change the ending of Return of the Jedi he asked John Williams to write a new ending to the film. Below are the two versions. Although they are both excellent I cannot help liking the original just that little bit more due to the memories it brings back. I am one of the few who loved the Ewoks and still do. Return of the Jedi will always hold a special place in my hearts

(Just in case you wanted to sing along the lyrics are below)

Yub nub, eee chop yub nub,
toe meet toe pee chee keene, g'noop dock fling oh ah.
Coat ee chah tu yub nub,
Coat ee chah tu yah wah,
Coat ee chah tu glo wah.
allay loo ta nuv
Glo wah, eee chop glo wah, ya glo wah pee chu nee foam,
ah toot dee awe goon daa.
Coat ee cha tu goo (Yub nub!)
coat ee cha tu doo (Yah wah!)
coat ee cha tu too (ya chaa!)
allay loo tu nuv (3 times)
Glo wah, eee chop glo wah.
Ya glow wah pee chu nee foam,
ah toot dee awe goon daa

OFF TOPIC - If you get Error code 80071A90 when trying to perform Windows Updates in Vista

**OFF TOPIC - If you get Error code 80071A90 when trying to perform Windows Updates **
I apologize for this but I thought it was necessary as I was getting frustrated with this problem so I thought I would share my solution. Recently I had this error code when trying to update Windows Vista - 80071A90 and there doesn't appear to be any support from Microsoft on this error code. This is what I did to get my updates to work. I hope this helps you.

download the Windows Vista service pack 1 (SP1) standalone from this link if you don't already have it. Create a restore point before installing SP1.

windows Vista SP1 for 64 bit operating systems
windows vista SP1 for 32 bit operating systems

(This takes about an hour to install and will reboot several times) After this has finished then try updates and see if they work. If they don't also check the following...
Go into control panel and then into administrative tools
Double-click Services. If you are prompted for an administrat…

Retro Soundtracks - E.T John Williams

Over the coming months I will post some great soundtrack scores from the 70's and 80's. Lets start with this one
1982 - Bicycle Chase from E.T Soundtrack by the amazing John Williams

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BBC Micro Live Opening Credits 80's TV

BBC Micro Live Opening Credits from the 1980's. Fantastic retro music.

80's TV retro retrofinds

The Beano Dennis The Menace March 11th 1978

Walter the Softy has taken over the front pages of the Beano March 11th 1978.

See my other blog on the fantastic Whizzer and chips

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